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Relocating to Nevada

Planning on relocating to Nevada? The following tips may make the transition easier.

End HIV Nevada offers helpful tips that address what happens to your Ryan White coverage when you move from out of state.

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Before You Move:

  • Plan ahead before you move. Many people underestimate the amount of time necessary to apply for programs in the new state. If you try to catch up after you move, you may risk not seeing a doctor or not getting your medications for a period of time.
  • Contact the local HIV service organization. Speak with an Eligibility Specialist who knows what programs are available to you. See if you can handle some of the work over the phone before you move.
  • Know & document your current health benefits. This is important because many state programs differ and may not offer the same coverage. You’ll need to know what you have now, including your eligibility requirements. This way, you or your case manager can compare what you currently have to what’s available in your new state of residence.
  • Get a 3-6 month supply of your current meds before you move to cover you in case of a lapse in coverage. An adequate supply of medications should make any unforeseen lapses easier to handle.

Please review Nevada’s ADAP Formulary. It is important to discuss the formulary and go over medications of the state you are moving to with your provider.

M. Gabriel Colbaugh
Program Officer I
(ADAP Specialist)

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