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Nevada Condom Distribution Plan

Enhancing the availability, accessibility, and acceptability of condom use.

Condoms are an effective barrier against Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). With guidance from the Office of HIV at the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, a community-wide condom assessment can provide information that can enhance the availability, accessibility, and acceptability of condom use.

This project included completing community assessment and gap analysis on condom access, availability, and utilization to guide enhancement to both existing and new condom distribution programs in the state of Nevada with the primary goal of highlighting disparities to condom access identified.

A comprehensive literature review was completed to examine previous research on this topic. Three assessments were completed, including; a retail assessment, consumer survey, and a no-cost condom access assessment. The surveys were completed throughout Nevada.

The retail assessment and consumer survey were developed, incorporating feedback from Nevada’s HIV prevention planning groups. The no-cost condom assessment consisted of an online search to locate agencies providing free condoms. The results from all three assessments were compiled, and recommendations were made. The final product included a statewide condom distribution plan

The project and site provided a valuable learning experience. It underscored the importance of ensuring that the communities that are being served have a voice and the opportunity to give their input. The experience highlighted the value of listening to these communities and ensuring that they are included throughout the process.


Nevada Condom Distribution Plan Documents

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August 27, 2020

Nevada Condom Distribution Plan 2021

Victoria Burris

MPH Southern Nevada Health District