What is Faith-Based Intervention?

Nevada is home to over 1,650 congregations that desire to help people in need. These Faith-Based Organizations (FBOs) are attended by two-thirds of Nevadans each month and have immense resources, volunteers and goodwill. Faith-Based interventions are strategic programs that honor religious beliefs while partnering with FBOs to address health concerns and disparities. For a complete congregation directory, please see here.

What is a Health Disparity?

Despite prevention efforts, some groups of people are affected by health issues like HIV/AIDS more than other groups of people. The occurrence of this disease at greater levels among certain population groups more than others is referred to as a health disparity. Differences may occur by gender, race or ethnicity, education, income, disability, geographic location and sexual orientation among others. Social determinants of health like poverty, unequal access to healthcare, lack of education, stigma and racism are linked to health disparities.

What is Nevada Doing to Help?

The Nevada Office of HIV/AIDS has developed the Nevada Faith-Based Intervention Plan to partner with congregations in Nevada. We’ve studied all known Faith-Based Organizations and have crafted interventions that reduce health disparities and honor the beliefs of congregations.

The heart of the plan is to build a Coalition of faith-leaders to address health disparities in the African-American and Latino communities. We know the only way to effectively partner to address issues like HIV is to empower pastors and leaders with the support, resources and guidance we can provide.

If you have any questions concerning the Faith-Based Intervention Plan, please contact the person(s) below:

Tory Johnson, MMgt
Section Manager, Office of HIV
Phone: (702) 486-0767

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