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The Nevada Ryan White Program is committed to working together to achieve the goals of an HIV-free and AIDS-free future through the best practices of advocacy, prevention, testing, treatment and care.

We are guided by the principles of public health and social equity and driven by the mission to promote health and reduce both impact and incidence of HIV/AIDS by working in partnership with other agencies and diverse community groups.

The Program is dedicated to providing access to quality medical care and support services free from discrimination and stigma no matter what gender, race, color, age, national origin or citizenship, religion or creed, disability, genetic information, marital or relationship status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy or maternity, veteran status or choices in life. Because everyone has the right to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

Similar to the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, it is our goal to change the way people talk about HIV, prioritize and organize prevention and care services locally, and deliver clinical and non-clinical services that support people living with HIV to remain engaged in care.

This information is designed and written for you, the Ryan White client. If you do not have an HIV physician or provider, use this information as a reference to find HIV physicians and specialty services in your area contracted with the Nevada Ryan White Programs. These important steps will help connect you to care sooner rather than later so you can benefit from early treatment.