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Best HIV/AIDS Apps

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From all the medications used to treat HIV to learning about new research and best practices it can be hard to keep up!

These apps can remind you to take your medications, teach you terms related to HIV, and even find the services you need nearby.

AIDSinfo HIV/AIDS Glossary App

Provides access to the same terms found in the AIDSinfo Glossary of HIV/AIDS-Related Terms. The app includes English and Spanish definitions of more than 700 HIV/AIDS-related terms.

Care4Today App

When you have to take multiple medications every day, things can get confusing. You might miss a dose or even take the wrong amount. With this app, you can input all your medications, with dosage and timing information.

GoodRx App

Many people don’t realize that medications can cost different prices depending on where you get them. This app can work wonders if you’re juggling numerous, pricey medications, making it quick and easy to find the cheapest price for any prescription you need to fill.

HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator App

Developed by, this app is a search tool based on your location. It helps you find a number of different HIV/AIDS related services within a given radius of your current location or any location you input. These services include: housing, testing sites, health centers, and more.