HIV Care Program Staff

Tory Johnson, MMgt
Section Manager, Ryan White Part B/Nevada Medication Assistance Program (NMAP) & HOPWA

Grants & Projects Analyst I (RWPB Coordinator)
Administrative Assistant II
Accounting Assistant III

Marla Robinson
Management Analyst II
(Fiscal Coordinator)

Sarah Cowan
Health Program Specialist I
(NMAP Coordinator)

Marques Thompson
Management Analyst I
(Quality Management Coordinator)

M. Gabriel Colbaugh
Program Officer 1
(NMAP Specialist)


HIV Prevention & Surveillance Program Staff

Tory Johnson, MMgt
Section Manager, Prevention & Surveillance

Lyell Collins, MBA
Health Program Specialist II
(HIV Prevention & Surveillance Program Manager)

Janet St. Amant
Grants and Projects Analyst I
(Fiscal Management Specialist)

Preston Nguyen Tang, MPH
Health Program Specialist I
(HIV Prevention Coordinator and Data Analyst)

Caress Baltimore, MPH, CHES
Health Resource Analyst II
(HIV Surveillance Epidemiologist)

HIV Care Program

HIV Prevention & Surveillance Program